Knowing what is the Dorsal Slit Procedure

The majority of men find the procedure of Dorsal Slink (also known as Vaginoplasty) painful. It’s also known as the pre-ejaculatory method. The procedure is carried out by cutting a slit just below the diaphragm. It can lead towards the Corpora Cavernosa. As long as the person is standing The surgeon will then make the cut. If the tissue is open and the surgeon can to inspect the insides and

How Long Does Foreskin Stay Put after circumcision?

How long does your foreskin stay good? This is a common question among men who choose to undergo circumcision. Many men want to know how long foreskin can last. They aren’t satisfied with their manhood size and don’t want to expose their bodies to infection and bleeding. Let us find out how long does foreskin last.

When erect, the average male organ measures approximately four inches in length. After circumcision,